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Friday, June 24, 2011


Hey folks, Bill and I are launching a new afternoon drive show
on the east coast. It's actually a legendary FM Talker where we spent most of
the 90's before coming out to Detroit. New Jersey 101.5. We will be on
from 2 to 7 pm, Mondays thru Fridays. We're sorry to have to leave Michigan but
thrilled to have an opportunity not just to get back to work full time but for it to
be at a station that is one of very few left in the country that truly 'gets' it. A lot of my old co-workers are still there, my program director is a guy I've worked with before and respect and get along with well, so really this is great news for us.

The new show begins Tuesday July 5th. If you'd like to listen the stream is available at www.NJ1015.com 2pm to 7pm.

I have only a few days left in Michigan, and I want to say thank you. Collectively, and some of you individually, well, you changed my life. I consider you a friend even if we never met and I'll be eternally grateful for the friendship. Thanks for all the support especially through the terrible times of the past year and a half. Don't be a stranger!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Crazy idiot gave me permission to post this link so here it is. Now this was a short video project he did for one of his classes and for which he got an A. For those of us who know Rudy, well, it's pretty funny in a rather creepy sort of way. Enjoy.

copy and paste to your browser if this doesn't work

Monday, May 9, 2011


Before my brain turns to total mush being mister mom thought I'd just check in and say hi. Kinda random, I know. Realized there were half a dozen comments since the San Francisco/Sacramento fill-in that I never even posted and I said Damn Deminski, get on it!

Since I last checked in Osama Bin Laden was killed. The conspiracy theorists are balls to the wall of course. Now I'm not a theorist. I never doubted we landed on the moon. I always accepted it could well have been one man who killed Kennedy. I don't think Obama photo shopped a birth certificate.
But why would you kill him and not take him into custody so secret it makes Area 51 look like an open air flea market and torture the shit out of this prick till you were absolutely certain you broke him as much as possible and gotten every last bit of information out of him as much as possible, THEN kill him. It's what I'd have done. Look at the endless stories of water boarding and other tortures trying to gain information from far less important al-qaeda members. How could you have the very head of the snake and let it go without learning as much as you could? I'm not saying he's not dead, all I'm saying is if they had done what I would have, then telling the world he's dead is much safer for everyone all the way around. Imagine the attempts to free him? The hostage taking to gain his release? Maybe it's just what I'd like to THINK happened. I'd like to think his suffering would go on for many months under impenetrable guard, followed by the slowest most excruciating death. Anyway, 90% of me glad he's already dead, 10% of me glad he'll be dead soon.

Oh, on a completely different note, I'm proud to see my four year old daughter was sent her first credit card pre-approval. At least someone in the family may not have damaged credit. House was just approved by banks today for the short sale so we'll be out of this house very soon.

Oh by the way I talked to Rudy the other day. He made the funniest video for one of his courses. I'll have to find out if I can post a link to it here for those who haven't seen it. He put himself in various movie scenes like screen tests of big parts he tried out for but didn't get. That's all I'll say. Hopefully I'll get a link here in next few days.

Take care, God bless, GO WINGS!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


We're filling in for Armstrong and Getty this Tuesday the 19th and Wednesday the 20th on San Francisco's 910 KNEW, Sacramento's 650 KSTE and Stockton's 1280 KWSX from 6 to 10 am Pacific (9 am to 1 pm Detroit time). If you'd like to listen you can at www.fox910.com or www.talk650kste.com . As the Violent Torpedo Of Unemployment Tour continues I'll keep you updated here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I sure as hell couldn't. Read this story. This bastard not only killed this man's son he laughed about it and taunted him over it. I'd love to be on that jury. Not guilty!

Mountain justice? NC dad accused of avenging son

This undated photo provided by the Transylvania County sheriff's office shows Toby Mathis,...

Tue Apr 12, 5:44 PM EDT

Three months after Charles O'Shields' son was killed in an argument over a woman, the grieving father found the man charged with his death at a Dollar General store in the North Carolina mountains. Authorities say O'Shields gunned Toby Mathis down among the aisles of cheap merchandise last week and then fled in a getaway car driven by his sister.

O'Shields turned himself in Tuesday to face first-degree murder charge after six days on the run. The local sheriff hopes the surrender ends a feud that has created a body count equal to what the sparsely populated county considers a violent year.

"I'd like to think that everybody involved is at a place where they can take the high ground on this," said Transylvania County Sheriff David Mahoney. "It's another tragic ending to what ultimately wound up being about 45 seconds of bad decision-making in December."

But to some of O'Shields' friends, it was a case of mountain justice — a man getting his revenge after deciding he had enough sneering about his son's death.

"What would you do if you came face to face with your son's killer? I know he had enough," said 18-year-old Stephany Travis, a friend of the family.

The acrimony first turned deadly on a twisty mountain road in December when 20-year-old Joey O'Shields went to confront his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend. Mathis had been sending him nasty text messages and taunting him in places where he would hang out, said Kim Lambrecht, the younger O'Shields' mother.

O'Shields challenged Mathis to fight like a man, Lambrecht said, but instead, Mathis got inside the truck with the ex-girlfriend. O'Shields jumped in the back and Mathis sped off.

With the truck going about 35 mph through the curves, O'Shields tumbled out and suffered injuries that sent him to a hospital where he died three hours later. Mathis was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Tension between the two families grew during the winter. They would often run into each other in the county seat of Brevard, and Lambrecht said Mathis and his friends would mockingly say they were sorry that her son was dead.

"They killed my baby and laughed about it," Lambrecht said. "They thought it was funny that I lost my son."

Several members of Mathis' family did not return phone calls from The Associated Press and were not home Tuesday when a reporter visited. A woman at the house where the girlfriend lives declined to talk to a reporter.

Both sides reported problems and harassment to the sheriff's office. Mahoney and a detective on the case won't give many specifics, but said things never escalated enough for deputies to get involved until Charles O'Shields shot Mathis on April 6.

Evidence leaves no doubt the killing was revenge for the death of O'Shields' son, said Mahoney. He won't say if the two exchanged words that night or if O'Shields threatened Mathis before the shooting.

Deputies have also arrested Charles O'Shields' sister, Dorothy Banks, and charged her with accessory after the fact in connection with a homicide. Investigators said she waited on her brother in an SUV as he went into the store.

Banks' attorney said she was glad her brother was safe, but that it wasn't proper to talk about the case at this time. O'Shields has yet to be assigned a lawyer.

O'Shields, who went by his middle name Richard, took his oldest son's death hard. Health problems that started a few days after the funeral kept him from working. His anger kept building until an encounter with Mathis and his girlfriend at a restaurant a few days before the shooting, Travis said.

"She came over to Richard and said: `I'm sorry Joey's dead.' She said it with a smirk. And she kept saying it over and over: `Joey's dead. You know we didn't want it to happen. But Joey's dead,'" Travis said. "Why couldn't they just leave him alone?"

O'Shields said nothing to them in the restaurant. But the day before the encounter at the Dollar General, Travis said he told her he was "going to do something for Joey" because things had "gotten out of hand." Both Lambrecht and Travis said trash and used fireworks were found on Joey O'Shields grave.

"He was angry. And it didn't help when Toby and (the girlfriend) would show up and taunt him," said Lambrecht, who's divorced from the older O'Shields. "He took it all in. He told me he would get Toby to stop. He would take care of it. I just knew this was going to happen. You could see it happening. There's just so much you can take before you explode."

The sheriff said the mountain county of 33,000 usually doesn't have more than 2 homicides a year. The area about 120 miles west of Charlotte touts itself as the "Land of Waterfalls," and much of its land is in the Pisgah National Forest. It's a mostly hardscrabble place, in contrast to the enclaves of million dollar homes in neighboring Cashiers or Highlands.

"To have those lives ended so quickly over something as petty as a girl, you know, I think all those components go to make it a huge tragedy," Mahoney said. "It saddens my heart to see both of those families turned upside down, two young men whose lives are lost and all for just a very short period of time when cooler heads did not prevail."

Monday, March 14, 2011


The Deminski & Doyle world tour continues, LOL; we are filling in for Todd Schnitt on Thursday March 17 (even when I'm unemployed I can never get off for St. Patrick's Day lol) and Friday March 18th in afternoon drive, 3pm to 6pm on WIOD Miami. Their website it simply www.wiod.com.

What will be interesting about this one is if I can stay healthy for it. Both my son and daughter have been sick. Mina's fever Saturday morning even got to a very scary 104.6 and I was set to get her to the hospital just before it began dropping. So far I haven't caught it, but you guys know how Deminski luck works. Either way I'm working. Just that if I have a high fever I may be even more delusional than usual.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Of all the bad that is happening in Japan, I can't help but be in awe of two small geologic facts. The quake shifted Japan's spot on the planet by 8 feet. It moved Japan 8 feet over. The quake also shifted the earth on its axis about 4 inches. This is nothing new with big earthquakes, but these numbers are bigger than usual and a sobering reminder that none of us is really in charge. In the words of Tom Petty, anything can happen, anything at all, don't think about it, you can go crazy.

Since the quake plenty of my even most rational friends have done what so many do when there's not a bad parent to blame, or a government to blame, or a video game to blame or dirty lyric to blame. They turn primitive. They begin speaking of how "God must be angry at us." "God is making us pay." "Between this and Libya and everything else it seems the end times are near."

Really? In 2004 the day after Christmas in Sumatra Indonesia an even bigger earthquake set off a tsunami that killed over 200,000 people.
On January 23rd 1556 in Shanshi China an earthquake killed 830,000 people.
There have been over 10 earthquakes that each killed more than 100,000 people. One of those ten happened in 893, another occurred in 856.

No doubt the primitives were saying the same things 455 years ago and 1,118 years ago and 1,155 years ago about God and the end of the world.

Oh don't get me wrong. I know it will happen. Whether by our sun burning out or by devastating meteor strike or man's own stupid selfish hand, it will happen. I just find it interesting that we try to distinguish ourselves to the side of safety by always categorizing from where bad things come. To the point that finally, when there's no violent video game to blame a Columbine on or any one of a plethora of scapegoats to explain away tragedy we turn to the heavens and say we've disappointed the gods.

In the end all we have to blame it on is 8 feet and 4 inches, and for so much bad and so much heartbreak that just doesn't seem satisfying.